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The rendition portfolio of startup ventures

Since 1995...

this site has been many things over the years, but always dedicated to the Chevy Camaro and it’s online enthusiasts.

Think Zoom...

but with cocktails. The Virtual Happy Hour has become part of our new normal. Your privacy is what makes us better. 

Craft Beer...

brewed in Chicago. This idea was born at the 1871 Tech incubator in Chicago. Check out the Untappd API integration.

Wright Now...

you could be relaxing in a Frank Lloyd Wright home, enjoying privacy and nature.  Just minutes from downtown Chicago. 

2.7 Million...

registered users played this online drag racing game between 2001 and 2005. Gone, but not forgotten. It may return.  

The rendition philosphy

API-First Evangelism

Ask us about using tools like Postman to mock your APIs before you write any code.


Design Thinking

Know what you are building before you start. Remember who you’re building for and why. You’ll need a map to find your way.

Fail Forward

We like to move swiftly and make lots of mistakes.  Keep iterating and find the value in learning your way through a problem.


Collaboration is key. Running teams into the ground is not. It’s better to be the developer advocate than the developer boss.